Last night I saw “Hate Rising” with Jorge Ramos

It was difficult watching the entire documentary without cringing. It was a wonderful documentary that shed light on the prevailing racism in this country. It depicted that hate that is now somewhat justified. It isn’t enough that some people might feel superior to others but that it’s okay to carry those feeling. It’s okay to feel a sense of entitlement when the only justification made is that we haven’t contributed enough to be considered part of this country. While at the same time they are reaping from the labor of illegals immigrants. While at the same time illegal immigrants are constructing the infrastructure this country is building upon.

There were a bunch of emotions I felt during the documentary. Shocked, disturbed, proud, angry, overwhelmed, and much more. I think it’s important to realize all the progress we have made. But at the same it’s important to realize of the progress we still need.

I highly recommend that you go out and watch it especially if you’re an immigrant or a child from immigrant parents. This documentary should be watched through it’s entirety, but these are some important highlights. In the beginning of the Hate Rising, Jorge Ramos talks with members of the KKK. If that isn’t enough, after the interview the member of KKK wouldn’t even shake hands with Jorge Ramos. Another highlight was an interview with a homeless man who was beat up by two men who were inspired by Donald Trump’s rhetoric. He looks sad and defeated but I also sense a loss in dignity in himself. Truly heart-breaking. I can continue on forever but you should definitely watch it yourself.

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Data Engineer @ Cherre. Mets die-hard. Hip-hop junkie.

Data Engineer @ Cherre. Mets die-hard. Hip-hop junkie.