Why HATE College?

No I’m not whining about the educational system and how it’s self-interested in making big bucks. I’m currently a senior. Have two more semesters left and I’m done. I don’t have any student loans or debts because I’m in a CUNY, and I qualified for financial aid. So I don’t pay for college and I still have the audacity to complain? I don’t really. I have met a couple of good professors and important faculty that has helped me along the way. Apart from the high cost of tuition, I think college is good. If you’re an A’s student, this could work well for you. It has for me. I think grades are relatively easy to earn because the blueprint is well-written. Attend class, copy notes, study hard and you’ll get good grades. But there’s this conception that college is evil but we have to do it. It’s sort of like a hard workout where we know the process is long and tedious but at the end, it’ll be worthwhile.

But is it?

That’s where my issue comes in. We are taught by a bunch of academics who write articles and device ideas on the real-world. But it’s really the real-world. The real-world to me is creating and not just thinking. It’s more than just theories. Don’t get me wrong, they are extremely smart. But I think some of us don’t want to be academics all our lives. And this is coming from a student who always has been a 91ish student. Just because we are smart college students doesn’t mean we want to be academics all our lives. We have endured over 15+ years of education. We want to know what’s out there. Of course internships are meant to do just that. Yet, I imagine getting an internship to only find out this isn’t what you wanted and to start all over is time wasted. But wouldn’t it be fascinating to understand the achievements that can be obtained from non-academics. I think that’s why we “hate” college. I think that’s why I love watching GaryVee’s video because you can see how fun and intriguing real-life looks. But we don’t know what this degree or that degree would bring. I think if more non-academics can write articles or vlog videos about their lives it would do us a great service. It would tell us the importance of our degree. This is all. I thank anybody that took their time in reading this.

Data Engineer @ Cherre. Mets die-hard. Hip-hop junkie.

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